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7 Reasons To Use Knit Washcloth In The Shower

Auth Rahul Singh | May 12,2020

As the world moves faster every day, bath routines tend to speed up — just splash water, squirt soap, and you are done. So, somewhere along the way, the tradition of using washcloths in the daily shower has been forgotten.

Including extra help of a washcloth to your bathing schedule, you will be able to make your skin cleaner, smoother, and peeled. Usually, made of natural fabrics, knit washcloths are gentle on the skin and help in gently sloughing the dead skin, making your bathing experience wholesome.

Still, not convinced about using washcloths?

Here are 7 top reasons to try washcloth out in your shower.

  1. 1. Creates Lots of Squishy Suds

    Washcloth works up a good lather with less product, even for bar soaps that usually have less foaming power. Simply wet your washcloth and rub it several times over your bar soap or add a shower gel. As you use it over your skin, the washcloth will produce a creamier lather.
    Traditionally, the lather used to come from soaps and/or hair care products that have been chemically manufactured using ingredients such as parabens and sulfates which are not good for skin health. Washcloths provide the best alternative to these synthetics by mechanically assisting with the lathering up process all without using any artificial assistance.

  2. 2. Gently Scrubs Off The Dead Skin

    The natural fibers of knit washcloth are ideal to be used for the scrubbing process. In fact, it is the best natural manual exfoliator, easily removes dead skin cells, and promotes smoother, healthier, and glowing skin.
    Also, skin no longer feels flaky and rough as the excess dirt, oils, pollutants, and odor-causing bacteria trapped between skin pores are washed away properly with a washcloth.
    Don’t go for ones made with microbeads, buy organic ones such as cotton knit washcloths as they can be used when dry to provide extra exfoliation (for elbows & knees), and when wet will soften (to great extent) give a gentle all-over tingling scrub without any over-abrasion. Also, knit washcloths are durable and do not possess elasticity.

  3. 3. Makes Your Shower More Spa-Like

    A warm cotton knit washcloth recreates that relaxing spa-like experience in your shower — a luxurious treat at the end of a stressful day!
    Placing a hot washcloth over your face & sinus area (add a few drops of essential oil to the water—lavender or eucalyptus to up the ante), is a super-effective way of clearing out blocked noses. Additionally, it helps to declutter the mind and works as a great mood booster if you are feeling slightly under the weather. This would turn your everyday mundane bathing ritual into slow, restorative massage time.
    On weekends, you can set the mood with candles, soothing music (preferably instrumental songs which soothes the mind), dim lighting, a glass of wine — feel special and enjoy the home version of spa plunge pools.

  4. 4. Removes Make-up Completely

    If used together with a cleansing oil, the warm knit washcloth & its texture will work to easily and gently remove residue and every last bit of the stubborn make-up, preparing your skin for a good night regimen.
    For best effect, wrap your fingertips in the washcloth and go over gently in circular motions. This would cleanse all your make-up including the mascara chunks, and you would no longer need to use other complicated tools or cleansers anymore. Switch to a simple daily washcloth routine for added cleansing oomph and better skin texture.

  5. 5. Exfoliates Without Stripping Away Healthy Oils

    Where products such as facial scrubs might exfoliate your skin through both chemical and mechanical means and remove all-natural oils, washcloths merely remove a thin layer of dead cells through normal cleansing leaving the skin shiny and refreshed.
    Hence, you can use the washcloths daily without worrying about stripping away of deeper layers of sebum and other healthy oils from the surface of your skin.

  6. 6. Helps To Save Soap

    Washcloths help to reduce the usage of soap bars and shower gels even further by becoming a carrier for soap. This provides a great cleansing experience for your skin without wasting excess soap — good for your budget and for the environment too.

  7. 7. Lasts Really Long

    Made of organic material or natural fabric, knit washcloths are reusable and biodegradable. You can use it for many years and when it starts looking old and faded, you can retire it for use in the home as household cleaning products. They can be used as kitchen towels to wipe gas stoves, dishes, surfaces, or tiles, sinks.

How To Clean A Washcloth?

Washcloths are the perfect place for bacteria and mold to grow. The warm, moist environment of the bathroom is the ideal environment for both bacteria and mold to thrive. Make sure you do not let your damp washcloth lie around for days.
Ideally, you should wash and dry your washcloths daily, but if you don’t have a washer and dryer available at home, go for swapping out the washcloths at least every three to four days. In case you don’t think cleaning with water is enough, bleach is also effective at killing germs but it can ruin the fabric. You can switch to a green bleach alternative or use all-natural homemade ones.
To keep your washcloths in good condition for a longer period of time, avoid washing them in very hot water or drying them at the highest temperature for long durations, as this can cause excessive amounts of wear and shrinkage. Instead, remove washcloths from the dryer when they are nearly dry, and not wet to the touch and let it air dry.

Words of caution– Avoid using a washcloth, if you are suffering from certain skin conditions, such as eczema. The friction between the washcloth and your skin will irritate it more leading to a flare-up. If you have this condition, using your hands to lather up is a good idea.

Wrap Up

If you still do not use a washcloth in the shower, you have definitely missed something. Hurry up, get one, and enjoy the relaxing bathing experience!

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