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6 Fun Ways To Use Floor Seating Cushions

Auth Rahul Singh | Apr 21,2020

Floor seating cushions can spruce up your room instantly. Besides being budget-friendly and perfect for small apartments, they can serve as comfortable extra seating when your guests decide to surprise you with some more guests. Even better, these gorgeous and comfy cushions can be easily stashed away when not in use.

Adding color and texture to your flooring, these seating cushions bring a new level of comfort and functionality to your spaces. In fact, piles of these cozy cushions (the more the better) along with a comfy area rug and a cup of coffee create spaces that encourage conversation, reading, and fun!

Let’s explore some interesting ways to use floor seating cushions at your home:

  • Extra Seating

Floor cushions can be excellent seating spots when friends and family gather at your home. They provide versatile seating without neglecting comfort and style, especially when you have unexpected guests or really big crowds.

extra seating floor cushions
Floor Cushions for seating

In small apartments where seating can be a major issue when entertaining, these cozy floor cushions make a comfortable and friendly seating arrangement for the guests. You can even pair them with chair cushions and sofas for a more relaxing style.

So next time you plan a social gathering or have unexpected visitors accompanied by kids and friends, don’t fret. Remember to fancy the floor with these beautiful cushions for extra seating. You can also keep a couple of extra cushions stashed in your cabinet or clustered under a coffee table just in case!

  • Decorative Accents

Floor seating cushion is the simplest and most cost-effective way to reinvent your room instantly.

decorative floor cushions
Decorative Floor Cushions

With whimsical patterns, designs, and interesting shapes as well as sizes, these cushy furnishings can add a striking and dramatic style to your home decor. They can serve as decorative pieces without taking up space and is a great way to create a sense of harmony in the living room particularly in apartments with very limited space.

Choose floor cushions in color and pattern that you love to display and create a stylish cluster out of them in your room while they wait for their next practical use.

You can even use hand-knitted cushion covers in different sizes and shapes to inject more patterns, style, contrasts, and color into the aesthetics of your abode.

  • Movie Nights

What’s better than watching movies together as a family in a relaxing manner! Now, instead of cramming people onto your couch, change the way you chill and enhance your cinematic experience by stuffing your space with a couple of floor seating cushions that will always be as versatile as they are comfortable. Depending on how you are sitting or lying down, you can easily shift positions and use them as support for your head, stomach, back or chest while watching movies.

Next time you plan a movie night with friends or family, just ditch the couch altogether as these floor cushions feel more like your bed anyways.

  • Comfy Reading

Readers often seek cozy and peaceful nooks in the home as they spend countless hours going through the pages of their favorite books. Place a few seating cushions on a rug and your comfy reading cave is ready, letting you snuggle with and get cozy while you read.

Floor cushions for comfy reading
Floor cushions for comfy reading

In fact, this little decor item is the next best thing, especially for kids. Add a few floor cushions to your kid’s room or playroom to create an inspiring and comfy spot which they can use as per their mood, sometimes as young readers or as budding artists playing around with a little color.

  • Paint & Craft Session

Painting and craft activities often require you to sit in a comfortable place that also allows you to be flexible so as to do multiple things, this is where floor seating cushions can be really helpful letting you move around easily. They also make a painting or drawing on a table easy especially when you have limited furniture and a lot of friends over.

Even while planning and designing decorations for parties or gatherings, using floor cushion is a good idea as it allows everyone to spread out and claim their own space and creativity. Also, these floor cushions make it easier to use the floor space for you and your friends, when tired you guys can easily relax for a bit and joke a little before getting back to work.

  • Games Time

Both adults and children in a home share their love for playing games, though they might be interested in different types of games. No matter who is planning a game time, these cushions are one of the best ways to comfortably play games with friends while sitting on the floor.

Some indoor games may require the players to sit opposite or across each other which might be quite inconvenient if you have to start moving chairs from place to place, having floor cushions can make playing such games and other family games easier and so much fun.

Wrap Up

Indeed, floor cushions are multifunctional and can help to cushion from the floor and are nice additions to the rooms where they are placed in.

There is no rulebook, style your space using the floor seating cushions the way you want and have some on-the-floor fun!

Additional Tips:

While selecting the floor seating cushion to pep up your home, consider these simple tips and you can never go wrong:

  • For adding a truly unique and interesting vibe to your spaces, go for floor cushions with eclectic patterns such as stripes, quilt-like patterns. You can even go for choosing a combination of different patterns for a more quirky look.
  • If you want your floor to have a pop of color, opt for solid color cushions in vibrant hues such as bright blues, striking reds, warm oranges.
  • While creating comfortable seating spaces with floor cushions make sure to choose designs in the color, style, and material that matches or complements the rest of your home decor.
  • While selecting floor cushions for outdoor spaces, go for vibrant colors as they contrast well against the natural tones found in nature around.
  • If you want to go for a subtle look for your home, then opt for floor seating cushions in softer or more neutral tones such as whites, off-whites, greys, or earthy browns that won’t stand out as much.

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