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20 Smart Tips To Organize Your Closet with Cloth Storage Bins

Auth Rahul Singh | Apr 28,2020

Have you ever rifled endlessly through your closet to find your white formal shirt in time for an important meeting? Or tried to track down your LBD in the mess of clothes, accessories, and shoes? No matter how hard you try to keep your closet in order and under control, it somehow has a way of becoming a cluttered catch-all for everything and anything.

No matter if you have a giant walk-in or super-small space, you can maximize your closet space with these smart closet organizer ideas. Begin by tackling the major problem areas like your daily clothing items, accessories, handbag collection, shoe racks. There’s a clever storage solution such as cloth storage bins for every space and budget so that you have a tidier and more manageable closet.

Following tips and tricks will help you optimize every square inch of the space letting you organize your closet in no time.

Following tips and tricks will help you optimize every square inch of the space letting you organize your closet in no time.

  1. Insert Dividers

    If you have lots of clothes in your closet, make some clothing dividers by printing easy-to-hang divider tags on cardstock, which will help you differentiate and sort things easily, so you can find exactly what you are searching for quickly.
    These dividers work well, especially for kid’s closets. You can also create more cute and funnier clothing dividers for your little ones using foam sheets, scrapbooks, wood, or even old CDs and add some bright color, ribbons, and pretty decorations.

  2. Use Fabric Storage Bins

    Storage bins are as stylish as they are functional and the best part about them is they can easily share shelf space with your favorite things in the closet. Purchase some budget-friendly cloth storage bins in shapes, sizes, and fabrics of your choice and stack them in your closet for additional space. To organize the chaos in the closet, sort your fabrics by color, type, or usage.

  3. Hang Your Accessories

    Hooks are the simplest and most effective way of organizing a closet. Switch to adding hooks while organizing your hats, scarves, handbags, and necklaces.
    They come in so many different shapes and can be easily mounted, there is sure to be a hook that is perfect for your closet.

  4. Add a Laundry Hamper

    If you are planning to install a shelving unit to your walk-in closet, consider adding a built-in hamper, so that you can keep presort your laundry and keep your dirty clothes off the floor, hidden away.

  5. Tie Labels

    If you have a shared closet, tie chalkboard labels onto storage bins, so everyone knows where their accessories, t-shirts, shorts, and other clothing items belong, and they don’t end up messing the entire closet while tracking down their stuff.

  6. Use All Vertical Space

    Maximize the space in your closet to store things from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. Fill it with hooks at varying heights to hang necklaces, scarves, belts, and purses. Or use over-the-door shoe organizers on the inside of each door of the closet for accessories and other items that you need frequently when heading out.

  7. Put in Shower Rings

    Instead of devoting an entire hanger to each of your scarfs and shawls or knotting multiples on one and end up causing major wrinkles, go for adding shower rings to create individual holders for your entire collection. This will keep your scarfs in shape, wrinkle-free, and handy.

  8. Keep Your Shoes Off the Floor

    Keep your footwear in tiered shoe racks or cubbies and stack them to make use of the vertical space beneath hanging clothes. Organize them by color or activity so you can quickly grab and go.
    You can also go for over the door hanging shoe organizers which can be installed quickly and accommodate lots of your shoes depending on type and heel height.

  9. String Up Your Sunnies

    Install a wire on a wooden frame using a few screws and hang all your sunglasses. This will take only a few minutes to make and keep your sunnies safe and easy to find.

  10. Double Your Hanging Space

    Next time you pop off the tab of your favorite soft drink, use it to double up your hangers to group similar shirts or tops together to easily find what you need.

  11. Keep It Clear

    Clutches and wallets often get lost in the chaos of the clothes in your closet. To keep them easily accessible, display these beauties by securing acrylic holders to the wall.

  12. DIY Drawer Organizers

    These drawer organizers help you to find your jewelry, socks, or your favorite swimsuit in a flash. You can use bright and patterned scrapbook paper to make these organizers and add an extra dose of joy every time you open your drawers.

  13. Use Every Nook and Cranny

    Leave no space unexploited in your closet. Fill every open shelve with storage bins, jewelry organizers, and baskets. You can even add smaller fabric storage bins below rods full of clothes to store belts, wallets, clutches, and other accessories.

  14. Hang Bags on the Door

    Screw-in a few hooks on the inside of your closet door and you will have enough space to hang your entire purse collection. Additionally, it makes picking out a purse that coordinates with your outfit so much easier.

  15. Share the Space

    Make sure you leave enough storage for your accessories in the closet so that they don’t pile up into a big mess. Split the space in half to store your accessories in an organized way.

  16. Slide Your Storage

    Don’t waste your wall space for hanging belts, bags, and scarves, instead stash them away in an organizer and pull out when you need it.

  17. Use The Top Shelf

    Keep your out-of-season clothes in savvy storage boxes and stack them on the upper shelf above your clothing rod.
    Also, consider adding shelf dividers which will turn the space into little cubbies making it easier to see and grab your clothes as well as accessories. You can also use them to keep your handbags upright and accessible or separate stacks of folded clothes so that they don’t topple into each other and create a mess.

  18. Add a Mirror

    Placing a chic mirror in your closet is a good idea as then you don’t have to take your clothes out to examine your outfit. This will help you put your clothing items and accessories back on the rack immediately after deciding they didn’t make the cut.

  19. Hang Laundry on the Door

    If you cannot go in for installing a built-in laundry hamper in your closet, stash it on a hook on the back of your closet door instead. This way, you will know right away when it’s time to throw in a load or go for laundry.

  20. Use Unconventional Hangers

    Instead of losing your camis and slips in the back of your innerwear drawer, use a crafty circle-shaped hanger to organize your entire collection on just one hook.

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