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10 Fashion Accessories Every Woman Must Have

Auth SEO | May 20,2020

Whatever the season, it’s always important to have some essential accessories in the wardrobe so that it will elevate and complete all your outfits. These can be updated according to the latest styles and trends or you can choose versatile pieces that can be carried over each season.

If done in a creative manner, the most basic outfits can be totally transformed with the help of a few key accessories. You can spice up your beloved white-top pairing it with colorful women’s neck scarves and denim along with neutral snakeskin mules for a meeting or wear your little black dress to work with red block-heel pumps and pearl necklace, and later pair it with a playful beaded bag for brunch with girlfriends.

Here are the top 10 fashion accessories that are a must to spice up your day-to-day outfits.

1. The Everyday Handbag

A good quality leather handbag is one of the most essential accessories for every woman. It holds all the essentials of everyday lives and you would never leave the house without it — from lugging around your laptop, your favorite book to read in the metro, and carrying the bare make-up essentials of lipstick, eye-shadows, wallet, and phone on a night out with friends. In fact, it is good to have around three different sizes and styles of leather bags depending on your requirements. However, if you have to choose one, go for a classic designer shoulder bag which is perfect for a busy lifestyle.

Whatever style you choose, make sure to invest in quality so that this everyday essential last for seasons and more to come.

2. Bold Jewelry

No outfit is complete without a stylish piece of jewelry and wearing just a few versatile pieces will amp up your simple outfit effortlessly. Go for wearing a few necklaces layered up during day time such as gold coin necklaces mixed with statement chains for a chic bohemian look. You can also try stacking up a mix of geometric rings and bold bracelets with a pair of hoop earrings to complete your look. For evening hangouts, find a pair of statement earrings such as playful tassel or sculptural style while keeping the rest of your jewelry low key.

Though there are many options to choose from, go for the perfect pair of earrings that are sure to frame your face and make you stand out from the crowd.

3. Versatile Neck Scarves

Women’s neck scarves are a must-have accessory in every woman’s wardrobe. These versatile pieces can enliven any boring outfit; the best is that you can pair them with many outfits and in many ways. A sumptuous square silk scarf can be styled around your neck, used it to tame your hair as a chic accessory, or be wrapped around your mundane handbag.

For more cold evenings, try women snood scarf. Wear it around your neck, it will not only keep you warm but add dimension and depth to your plain winter outfit. Pair it with the skinny jeans or leggings for the evening hangouts (the slim silhouette of your bottom wear will perfectly balance out the chunky bulk of the snood scarf on top)

Also, as these are small enough to fit in your luggage when traveling, you can create lots of new looks with just one outfit and flaunt with confidence.

4. A Classic Belt

A leather belt in either black or brown is a wardrobe essential. It will help you tailor your look to fit your own personal style.

You can use these to keep your jeans perfectly in place or add structure to all kinds of outfits. Try layering it over a flown dress for an entirely new look, or use it to define your waist with an oversized blazer, or fasten it over a flannel scarf to create a completely new style.

Look for different sizes of belts and colors that will complement your closet best.

5. Statement Hat

Hats are not just for sun protection. A stylish hat can help you look sophisticated and trendy with literally no effort.

Whether you are carrying a vintage style straw hat on the beach, or fashionable floppy hat on a sunny afternoon, or a knitted beanie in the winter, hats make the perfect outfit statement whatever the season.

On a bad hair day, hats will cover up your greasy or flat hair and will instantly pull your outfit together while giving you an air of confidence.

6. An Elegant Watch

Whether you use them to tell time or not, watches add so much sophistication and class to an outfit. You can pair them with stacks of bracelets for an even classier look.

For the women on the move, a practical and stylish smartwatch is a perfect accessory. Designed for a busy lifestyle, they make the ultimate fitness partner during a run or workout. You can even get all your notifications sent straight to your wrist instead of pulling your mobile phone out every couple of minutes.

7. Designer Sunglasses

A stylish pair of sunnies are a great way to elevate any outfit. Whether you are disguising the red eyes of the last night hangover or rocking your favorite shades at the beach, a perfectly fitted pair of sunglasses will ensure that all eyes are on you. For a more chic look, you can try a pair of thick-rimmed tortoiseshell sunglasses that will transform any outfit into a stylish ensemble.

A classic pair of aviator sunglasses is something you will want forever; it is one of the most useful accessories any woman could own. They can pair perfectly with each and every outfit, whether you are dressed up for a date or running to the grocery store. But, make sure to find a pair that is sturdy enough to last.

8. Unique Hair Accessories

Perfect for nights out, formal parties and festivals, quirky hair accessories are a simple and effortless way to give your look a cute accent.

You can turn a simple bun or updo into something way classier with custom hairpins. You can also wear barrettes with pearls, oversized scrunches, and hair slides for a more stylish look.

9. Casual Chunky Trainers

A pair of chunky white trainers is a go-to accessory for every season and almost any occasion. These versatile trainers are ad fashion staple which is not only super comfy but team perfectly with flared or straight-fit jeans, a floral summer dress, or add a low-key cool edge to a suit.

10. Simple Tote Bag

A tote bag has infinite uses — you can use it as an office bag, shopping bag, a gym bag, an overnight bag, and more! (You can even fold up into your handbag when not in use.)

These simple bags can make a great outfit statement, whether you want to wear one with a slogan, a plain a piece of art, or your favorite designer’s logo.

So, now you know the trick. Dress up, and rock your day!

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