#Institute of Training for Knits and Textiles

The Problem

More women than men are poorly paid and have difficult conditions of work that undermine their fundamental rights. Despite women’s increasing levels of education, discriminatory attitudes often prevent women from entering the workforce.

To respond to this deep-rooted problem, Institute of Training for Knits and Textile (ITKT) has been set up as an NGO in New Delhi to ensure that women get equal access to decent employment opportunities, resources and finance and are able to secure decent livelihood opportunities.

Mission and Vision

We aim to create sustainable livelihoods on a large scale. The idea is to develop and promote scalable solutions for people especially marginalized women.

We intend to provide opportunities to the labour force in the area for capacity building by improving their employment potential and bettering their quality of life


Employability: Our aim is to enhance the capacity of marginalized women by providing them employability skills to obtain and maintain gainful employment so that they can make successful transitions from one job to the next, either within the same company or to a new one.

Livelihood Support: We impart skills to young women in helping them become job ready. We are also involved in up skilling of workers, their placement in jobs and introducing them to self employment opportunities.

Up cycling our way to a sustainable future: Waste if used properly can become wealth. Up cycling reduces waste and resource consumption by creating a product with a higher value from waste. At ITKT, we try to minimize the waste production by upcycling it.

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